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Our story began so we could help you tell yours...


In 1997, I was working as a copywriter at a really cool advertising agency in New York City. It was a dream job and everyday I got to shape the public perception about my clients in the marketplace. However, for some reason writing radio, television and print for clients like Burger, AT&T, Texaco and Kraft didn't feel as fulfilling as I thought it would, and I didn't know why. 

Then one day, as I was strolling through our Soho based offices, I picked up a magazine someone had lying around. It was called Fast Company. I had never seen this magazine. I was utterly captivated by the cover's headline: The Brand Called You. It was an unfamiliar concept at the time, and I had no idea that reading that article by Tom Peters would eventually change the trajectory of my life. 

It did.

From the moment I read the first paragraph, I could feel the hairs on my arm stand up. I knew with every fiber of my being that we were each responsible for elevating and cultivating our own personal brand. But you have to remember this was 1997, nobody had ever heard of personal branding. In fact, this was during a time when you were supposed to let the work or your work ethic speak for you.  But working in corporate America, I had witnessed up front what happened when you didn't self-advocate. I had seen less talented people get rewarded. I witnessed incredibly creative people get fired (and have problems landing their next gig) and I was beginning to learn that the only person who truly had my back was me. 

For the next decade, I moved to other agencies, and states and even industries (from advertising to public relations then branding). I was in charge of public relations for Newsweek Production in Washington DC and eventually landed at a branding agency whose tagline was: Your Brand is Your Reputation. But, all of those clients operated in the corporate space and I knew that my mission was to operate with individuals. 

Fast forward to 2008, almost eleven years after reading the article in Fast Company. I resigned from my well-positioned public relations agency on Capitol Hill to come home and launch a full-service personal branding agency, which has since evolved into a full-service Personal Elevation Agency. My mission was and remains the same: to help professionals, executives and entrepreneurs leverage their skills and talents to maximize their industry visibility. 

After ten years, I still believe that we are each responsible for the Brand Called You. You must become an effective CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of You, Inc. If you don't, your professional career will pay a heavy price. We launched Brand id | Strategic Partners LLC to help our clients increase their visibility, credibility, influence, and impact so that doesn't happen. 

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