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It's Time to Un-Level the Playing Field


You know it. Your competition knows it. Blame it on technology. Or globalization. Or culture. But the fact remains that it's harder than ever before to gain a competitive advantage in today's marketplace. 

There is one thing that sets you apart from everyone else — your people. You've invested in attracting, retaining, and engaging the best of the best. You've provided your employees with the tools, the training and the resources to: Innovate ideas. Empower change. Execute with precision. 

Your people make your company, and its products and services, unique. And it's your people who can best communicate your vision, connect with your tribe and compel the marketplace to take note of what you're all about.

At Brand id | Strategic Partners, we'll turn your most unique asset — your people — into your most valuable asset.


  • Being able to bridge the gap between the high-performing and high-potential subject matter experts in your company who are most knowledgeable about your products and services with those who are most comfortable in front of the camera and on stage.
  • Having a cadre of "go-to people" in your company who are polished, professionally savvy and extremely informed about the subject matter, ready at a moment's notice, to help elevate your brand in the marketplace.
  • Maximizing your marketing dollars by leveraging internal talent to help drive brand awareness (both on and offline) through high-profile media, speaking and publishing opportunities. 


Let's face it. Chances are you spend countless dollars on sales, marketing and advertising. But how much time, effort and resources do you put toward empowering your leadership to do some of the heavy lifting for you?

How often is your leadership team

  • Speaking on your behalf,
  • Sought out by the media for their opinion;
  • Tapped by industry publications, trade or business magazines to pen an article or comment as an "industry expert" on the latest industry trends
  • Asked to participate in high-level panels; or
  • Serving as keynote at industry conferences and trade-shows?

Probably not as often as you would like.

Brand id | Strategic Partners can change that. Our team will give your leadership the tools they need to leverage their skills and talents to become your industry's top experts and your company's fiercest brand ambassadors.


  • Thought Leadership Development
  • Executive Brand Management
  • Full-day and Half-day Leadership Branding Workshops