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Undeniably Fierce: An Evening of Visioning

What are you waiting for? Permission? The right time? You and I both know that you are capable of so much more. The world can’t see you standing in the back. It’s time for you to step up and own your Fierceness. Make the decision that now is your time. Then act like you believe it because guess what? We surely do.”
— Jennifer Ransaw Smith

Are you ready to shed everything that has held you back, kept you playing small or caused you to second-guess yourself in 2016?

Are you ready to introduce the world to your realest, dopest, most unapologetic self?

Would you like to close out 2016 in one of the coolest ways imaginable...with 50+ Badass women gathered for the sole purpose of Annihilating the Game in 2017?  


A few weeks ago, I asked myself "what would I do if I were unafraid of judgement or making a mistake?" Instantly, I knew. I would gather some of the fiercest women in the DC Metropolitan area, secure that super cool venue I had been eyeing for several years (vowing to do something one day) and host a Redesign, Redefine, Recalibrate Jam session with drinks, lots of candles and a hot woman DJ. Sort of an adult version of the Vision Board Party.

The moment I decided to say yes to the vision, butterflies and self-doubt decided to creep over in the driver's seat. But then I challenged myself and said, "How are you going to inspire others to step into their biggest vision, if you aren't doing so yourself?" So immediately, I connected with an event planner. Then I secured the date and started planning...

I hope you are ready...because my vision is INSANE.

You are cordially invited to join me for the HOTTEST VISIONING PARTY in existence: Undeniably Fierce: A Life of Visioning. Imagine three hours + insane music + Undeniably Fierce Women + inspirational ambience = an AMAZING opportunity for you to reconnect with the woman you are going to introduce the world to in 2017!

You are you going to walk away inspired, motivated and ready to "do you in 2017," and we're going to throw in a pretty cool Goodie Bag for good measure!


If you are ready to close out 2016 with a Bang, sign up by clicking here.

Attire: Your version of Undeniably Fierce...

Pay here: Sign me up!

Please note: This is an invitation only event and space is limited. However, I know that Fierce women travel in packs. If you know of somebody who you would like to go through this experience with, let me know. I would be more than happy to extend them an  invitation per your request. Spaces are going to go quickly...therefore, all registrations must be made by December 24 at Midnight. Remember this is an incredible gift for a friend.


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