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We are a Full-Service Personal Elevation Agency.


We serve one purpose: to help executives, entrepreneurs and professionals "get known." We specialize in catapulting their visibility in the marketplace and inside of their organization.

We believe that those who don't take ownership of how they are positioned in the marketplace eventually pay a heavy price. 

But when one understands the significance of strategically positioning themselves, the payoff can be immense.


  • Being a sought after thought leader who is frequently quoted in national publications, on cable and network television.
  • Being able to command more money because of your reputation as an industry heavy hitter.
  • Your phone ringing off the hook with recruiters, clients and joint venture opportunities.
  • Being invited to serve as keynote at conferences and sit on high-profile panels.
  • Releasing a book or launching a product and watching sales go through the roof. 
  • Being featured in top industry business publications. 

As a full-service agency, we have extensive capabilities to help experts like you become "Industry Rock Stars." We do this by offering a multidisciplinary approach to brand elevation both on and offline. What that means is we don't take a cookie-cutter approach. We know everyone is different and we treat them as such. 

While one person may dream of writing a best selling book and rocking national stages in front of an audience of thousands. The mere thought of that might petrify another. Their goal might simply be to leverage their expertise to create additional streams of income or develop strategies to elevate within their current organization.

We aren't here to tell you what to do, just to help you do it. 

Our comprehensive services include brand strategy, social media planning and implementation, results-driven public relations, media training, personal image elevation, leadership training and development, content marketing and ghost writing, executive and leadership coaching. 

Clients hire us when they are ready to get known

Unless you are a celebrity or professional athlete, most people never have the opportunity to sit down with an entire team for the sole purpose of personal elevation. We think that is a shame.
— Jennifer Ransaw Smith CEO of Brand id | Strategic Partners