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If The Solution To Your Biggest Problem Were Behind This Door, Would You Open It?

I’ll bet you probably said “yes.” Or, “of course, I would.” When in fact, it may be the furthest thing from the truth.

Think for a moment about what is standing in the way of you elevating your personal brand, increasing your visibility and playing a much bigger game, right now? Why haven’t you done anything about it—even though you know exactly what needs to be done?

Why haven’t you “opened” the door?

What is the reason that you feel the need to watch another video, take another course, read another book, connect with another industry expert…only to gather all of that information, and do nothing?

Elevating your game is a scary proposition for a lot of people. You feel vulnerable. What I want to do is challenge you to walk toward that scary door. The reality is, there IS a great big door standing in front of you and it is called Personal Elevation. All of your growth, successes, and triumphs are on the other side of it. Until you get the courage to walk up to it, put your hand on the handle and twist it open, you will never be able to escape the curiosity of not knowing “what if?”

Go ahead…walk through it.  

Jennifer Ransaw Smith is the Founder of The Personal Elevation Lab, a division of Brand id | Strategic Partners, a full-service Personal Branding + Elevation Agency. The Personal Elevation Lab™ focuses exclusively on elevating the visibility, credibility, influence and impact of women executives and entrepreneurs: If you are ready to Boost Your Status, sign up for our 30-Day Game Changing Program Here.