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The Personal Elevation™ of Ciara



So how exactly do you go from doing the "one-two step" to walking the red carpet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? How do you strategically elevate your self-image from "around the way girl," to Style Icon, while sitting front row during American and European Fashion weeks? Plus, find yourself tapped by First Lady Michelle Obama to help spread the message of her national health/fitness campaign? Whether you are in middle-management at a large organization struggling to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of others in your position, or you are the CEO of a small company and you are ready to be seen as a major player in your industry, here are three strategies you can borrow from the Personal Elevation™ of Ciara:


The Elevated Squad

It's no secret Ciara is pretty close friends with some women Bosses. When those who are closest to you are dropping books, landing roles in new movies and launching personal brands, what do you think your chances of doing the same are? There is nothing irrelevant about who you call your #Squad #girlsquad.  If your CREW isn't happy, healthy and intentionally moving forward, chances are, you aren't either. So be honest with yourself and see if it is time to do some relationship editing.



The reality is, shit happens. You pick the wrong frog. Relationships end. Projects fail. There are bad days...And then there are really bad days. But one thing we can all learn from @ciara is she didn't go stick her head in a hole somewhere. When life got her down, she got up and right back in the game. How many times have you doubted yourself or your direction when everything went to hell in a handbag👜? The key to next level performance is to recognize that you will never annihilate the game of life if you expect to get in the ring and not pick up a few substantial bruises. The key is to get back in with your head held high.



Too often, we come from a particular background, and we fall into a trap of thinking we always have to exist at that level. Nothing is further from the truth. You get to decide how you want to show up. You get to decide at any time to up level. Pay attention. Study. Learn. Leverage what you learn to adapt to each and every new level that you find yourself operating on. The reality is, you may not have been born with a “silver spoon” in your mouth, but people shouldn’t be able to meet you and instantly tell that.