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The Evolution of Eve


There has never been any doubt about the lyrical prowess of Eve. In fact, from the moment she hit the scene, she dominated with a fierceness that was both powerful and endearing and left her audience yearning for more. Her hit with Gwen Stefani is a personal go-to anthem when I need to "Power-Up." But as skilled as she was behind the mike, there was a lack of polish and refinement when she hit the scene. So how did she go from a "Ruff Rider" to a sophisticated businesswoman, actress, philanthropist and social activist?


Too often people believe that where they start out is an indication of where they are going to end up. This idea alone keeps so many people stuck. There is absolutely no way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go without elevating your mindset. If you don't work on your self-worth, you will never attract and maintain situations, opportunities and people who are worthy of you. And you will certainly not attract European multimillionaires.

 Dream Team

The reality is, you simply can't get to the next level by yourself. You need a team. Who do you have helping you to identify your blind spots? Who is filling in your gaps or making sure all of your dots are crossed? Who is challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself? Think about how many people box themselves in by seeing themselves a certain way. Those that aren't surrounded by people who are expansive, empowered or enlightened stay stagnant trying to do everything themselves.

 Elevating Your Self-Image

The biggest difference between the photos above is one word, Power. The first two pictures depict the Talent. The second two depict the Decision Maker. They command respect. I want you to think about what vibe your Personal Brand gives off. When you walk in the room, do people immediately get the impression that you are the Boss and running the show? If not, why not?  It may be time for you to do some Personal Elevation™.

Tag someone you know who has done a kick ass job at Elevating their Personal Brand during the past 12-month.