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You Are Who You Say You Are…So Who Do You Say You Are?

Chances are, if I asked you to list 10 words to describe yourself, #UndeniablyFierce wouldn’t be among them. Neither would: 

Game Changer






But, you are all of that and so much more.  And I’m here to remind you of that fact. 

As the CEO of the nation’s first full-service Personal Elevation™ Agency, I can’t emphasize enough how detrimental negative self-talk is to building a rock star brand. For the past 8 years (last month), I have spent a great deal of time doing what I call “internal elevation,” with my clients. We look closely at:




The negative self-talk is blocking the path of so many dope women. They listen to those voices and they hold back, play small, wait their turn, ask for permission, decide to pass. 

2016 is the year to stop that foolishness. Elevate your internal dialogue. Remind yourself who you are, what you have been through and the fact that you are still standing.  One way to help you shift that inner voice is to develop a Personal Mantra: a phrase, keywords or a few sentences that you carry with you everywhere and repeat several times a day until they imprint on your soul. 

I want the best for you this year—and I want you to want the best for yourself. And then go get it. 

Here is my personal mantra: 

I am an internationally sought after Personal Elevation Strategist who is “waking up an entire generation of women 40+.” I speak to sold-out audiences, write bestselling books and change lives globally by introducing the concept of Personal Elevation™ through my coaching and consulting services. My gifts and talents, hard work and dedication have helped my team and I build a seven figure business that provides me the life of my dreams. 

Jennifer Ransaw Smith is the Founder of The Personal Elevation Lab™, a division of Brand id | Strategic Partners, a full-service Personal Branding + Elevation Agency. The Personal Elevation Lab™ focuses exclusively on elevating the visibility, credibility, influence and impact of women executives and entrepreneurs: If you are ready to Boost Your Status, sign up for our 30-Day Game Changing Program here.