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Keep your finger on the pulse of your industry, reap the benefits.

     Game Changers Stay Informed. 


Game Changers Stay Informed. 

Years ago when I was in advertising school, I had a professor tell us it was our job to  "keep your finger on the pulse" of the industry. He said, I want you to read everything from People Magazine to Harvard Business Review, every month. But doing so, it will make you well-rounded and allow you to be able to draw from a bigger pool of information. 

I took him seriously and the payoff ha been immense. Every morning, I am skimming the NYT, WSJ, Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. Every month, I am reading everything from Bloomberg to US Weekly. Not only am I able to jump into many conversations and speak to many topics I might not otherwise be familiar with. But, I am also able to spot and forecast and speak to the changes in my industry. 

If you ready to kick it up a notch and grab an unfair advantage? Then its' time to stop being reactive and become proactive. As an industry thought leader, it is your job to stay informed of the latest industry trends, case studies and issues. You need to know your industry like the back of your hand. 

Why don't you...

1. Subscribe to your industry trade publications..

2. Subscribe to your local,  regional and business papers.

3. Set Google Alerts up with your industry key words so you can  read what people are writing daily on the subject.  

Here are a few more tools worth checking out:

  • CEO Express
  • Networked Blogs
  • The Skim Newsletter
  • NYT Daily Briefing
  • LinkedIn Pulse


Jennifer Ransaw Smith is the CEO of Brand id Strategic Partners, a full-service Personal Elevation Agency that specializes in helping entrepreneurs + executives leverage their expertise and position themselves as the "person to know" within their industry. If you are ready to go from "unknown to known, " Log onto: